Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rajnikanth juggernaut takes over US box office

Setting a huge recording for a Tamil film which was also dubbed into Telugu and Hindi, the Rajnikanth juggernaut Endhiran (Robot) grossed over the weekend an estimated $1.56 million in North America.

While Robot, which was showing in 139 theaters is the toast of the town, the romantic film Anjaana Anjaani had a decent opening. It grossed $517,000 in 91 theaters.

This is an awesome gross for any Indian film, particularly a Tamil film, said a distributor who asked not to be named. But people forget a number of theaters doubled the admission price for many shows to $25, some even charged $40 which would be more than the Imax admission price for Avatar.
News From: http://www.s7News.com

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