Friday, October 15, 2010


LUDHIANA, OCTOBER 15:-----Precision Farming Development Centre (PFDC) in the Department of Soil and Water Engineering, PAU organized a two day training programme on \'Water Storage Tanks for Micro Irrigation System\' for the officers of the Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Punjab. Dr Rakesh Sharda, principal investigator (PI) of the PFDC, said this was a specialized training course for soil and water conservation officers. The centre is regularly organizing trainings for the officers of the Department of Horticulture, Department of Soil and Water conservation and farmers on different aspects of micro irrigation and protected cultivation. He said the participants included 23 officers from the department, who were provided technical know-how about the theme of the course. The topics included design and economics of water storage tank for drip and sprinkler irrigation system, different types of lining material for water storage reservoir, feasibility of auxiliary storage water for canal command areas and design and construction of lime lined tank.

Dr AK Jain, Head of the department discussed the importance and scope of water management for sustainable agriculture. Other experts included, Dr KG Singh, and Dr Mukesh Siag. The trainees visited the PFDC Farm and were shown both the brick-lined as well as lime-lined tank. On the second day Er Nilesh Biwalkar conducted the field visit of the trainees to the farmer's field in Muktsar.

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