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LUDHIANA, OCTOBER 20 :--------

The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) will soon have a Cycling Club on the campus. This was stated by Dr. Manjit Singh Kang, Vice-Chancellor, PAU while presiding over a deliberation on bike share programme in his Committee Room. Dr. Kang said that a large number of vehicles plying on roads lead to congestion of traffic and pollution. This is a matter of concern for all who care for their health and environment. There are many Universities and institutes where use of bi-cycles is being promoted within the country and abroad, he said. Lauding the idea of having a cycling club on the campus, Dr. Kang said that the bi-cycle manufacturer association (BMA) has offered to provide bi-cycles for the proposed cycling club. Joining the cycling club, will provide the members opportunities to keep themselves fit, enjoy cycling in the serene campus of PAU, he observed. Dr Kang added that he himself would like to use the bi-cycle on the campus. Instead of other vehicles, one-day a week would be observed for the use of bi-cycles. The club will be launched in mid November, he said.

Ms Heidi J. Exline, a Fulbright Scholar at PAU from New York, through a power point presentation, gave an overview of existing bi-cycle programs in select Universities, the world over. She spelt out what can be done to promote bi-cycle culture on the PAU campus. Highlighting the benefits of Bike Share Program, Ms Exline explained that this program would save money, conserve environment; provide health benefits to the users. This would also help in changing the car/scooter culture on the campus, she elaborated adding that the program would be a success in the PAU campus because of its open campus, pleasant surroundings with flat terrain. It would be a good experience in Ludhiana, as there is no public transport system in operation, she said. The club activities would benefit the faculty, staff, students and the outsiders as well, she said.

Dr PPS Lubana, Dean, College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology cum Director Students' Welfare, Dr Gurkirpal Singh, Estate Officer-cum-Chief Engineer and Dr Jagtar Singh Dhiman, Additional Director of Communication, Centre for Communication and International Linkages, Dr. K. Vatta, Deputy Director, Department of Economics and Sociology and Mr. Satbir Singh, Welfare Officer were also present on this occasion.

Dr. Lubana told that students will be involved in this useful activity. The logo of the club will be decided through an open competition among students, he said. The BMA representatives will be invited to the campus to apprise them of the preliminary facilities available at PAU for launching the club, said Dr. Gurkirpal Singh. Dr. Dhiman said that there is a huge enthusiasm among the faculty and staff to have a cycling club on the campus.
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