Wednesday, October 20, 2010


LUDHIANA, October 20:------

The AusAID sponsored training programme on \"Water balance studies in Agroforestry\" ongoing at Punjab Agricultural University entered the third day today. After acquainting the participants with the theoretical aspects of the whole water balance, ground water usage, transpiration, evapo-transpiration (ET) and soil physical practices during the technical sessions, the subject matter specialists from PAU and Australia provided practical exercises on site water balance, modeling and estimation of ET, upscaling of estimated tree-transpiration, etc. The workshop organizer and Head of the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Dr. Avtar Singh elaborated that the participants were taken to experimental area of the department for hands on training on equipments used for recording data on all the above aspects. He added that the participants were acquainted with new equipment for water balance studies in agroforestry including the neutron probe moisture meters, sap flow meters, leaf area index measuring device, etc. Data were recorded by the participants on various aspects of tree transpiration, ET, sap flow measurements, soil moisture depletion and tree growth parameters. Feeding of data to computer and its interpretation to deduce the desired models and estimates was demonstrated to the participants. Today, the postgraduate students of the department were also imparted training that would be useful for them in their research programmes, said Dr. Singh.
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