Saturday, October 9, 2010

Musharraf\'s U-turn: Pak never trained terrorists

Lahore: Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf has now denied that terror groups in Jammu and Kashmir were trained and supported by the Pakistani government. Within a week of admitting that Pakistan had trained terror groups in Kashmir. in an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN Musharraf has done a complete u-turn.

Musharraf now says terror groups sprang up on their own and that the Pakistan government did not train them to fight in Kashmir.

\"The perception that the government and the army and the ISI was training Mujahideen and pumping money - I didn\'t mean it at all, \" says Musharraf.

\"All the Mujahideen organisations sprung up in Pakistan in the decade of 90s, right? I was talking of the period of 90s and at all about my period. Secondly the perception that the government and the army and the ISI were training Mujahideen and pumping money--- I didn\'t mean it at all. These sprung up themselves and there were thousands of volunteers who were prepared to join these Mujahideen organisation and go into Kashmir to fight the Indian army because of the atrocities against them. Therefore, the Hijbul Mujahideen came into existence in the Indian part of Kashmir and they fled into Pakistan because of the atrocities of the Indian army and then they came into Pakistan and subsequently all these organisations started coming up,\" says Musharraf.

\"I refuse to talk about Kargil because then we are very fond of blaming Pakistan for everything but then we do not talk about what did India do in east Pakistan and created Bangladesh-- what did India do in Siachen So I would like to talk of them if you want to talk about Kargil. So don\'t talk of something which Pakistan does and the Indian army or the Indian raw or the Indian intelligence or Indian government is very innocent and they don\'t do anything to us,\" says Musharraf.

\"I will certainly return to Pakistan. How can I do politics without returning? But before I return there is something to be done between now and till I return that is creating an environment and doing politics. So there is a phase where i do politics sitting outside and then there will be the ultimate phase where I move into Pakistan and do politics and that phase will be certainly before the next election,\" he added.

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