Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kasab violent and unruly, say upset judges

Mumbai: Judges hearing Ajmal Kasab\'s appeal against his death sentence have expressed their anger after the terrorist spat on webcam during today\'s hearings. He has been ordered to attend court via videoconferencing, since his presence in court is seen as a security risk.

Bombay High Court judges described Kasab as \"violent and unruly....he is not amenable to reason, dialogue.\"

Insisting that he be moved from his bullet-proof and bomb-proof cell at Arthur Road jail to court, Kasab said, \" Send me to America\'s human rights court.\"

Kasab is the only terrorist caught alive during Mumbai\'s 26/11 attacks. He was sentenced to death by a special court in May for waging war against India. He has appealed against his sentence.

Recently, the High Court also ruled that Kasab cannot consult with his lawyers unless jail officials and security guards can see and hear him. That decision came after Kasab was caught on security camera attacking a jail official in September.

During yesterday\'s hearing, an unshaven Kasab giggled, yawned and picked at the buttons on his jail uniform.

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