Saturday, October 23, 2010

CIPHET Evaporative Cooled Room & Structure technology transferred to KS Bio Foods

Ludhiana, October 22:

Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) licensed the technology of Evaporative Cooled (EC) room & structure to KS Bio Foods of Rajasthan. A memorandum of understanding has been signed in this regard.

While EC room, which is a double walled structure with wet sand in btween, could store two tonnes of fruits and vegetables, the cooling padded EC structure has capacity of 5 to 7 tonnes and ideal for bigger storage requirements.

Notably, KS Bio foods has taken number of technologies from CIPHET and recently started production of Amla candy, which was also CIPHET's intervention. Transferring the technology to Manish Chowdhary of KS Bio Foods, Dr R.T Patil, said that farmers had to sell their fruits and vegetables at lower cost due to non availability of storage in fields. "EC room and structure are developed by CIPHET to provide farmers cheaper and simple storage solution".

Manish Chowdhary said that today his products gained international acceptance due to food processing technologies of CIPHET only. "I am exporting my products to countries like Japan, United Kingdom, African Continental and Arabian countries," he said, adding that without maintaining quality and highest standards of packaging it would not have happened. "As we also grow fruits and vegetables in my own fields with organic methods, EC room would help us to increase the shelf life," he added.

The higher capacity storage structure has been developed by Dr S.N Jha, Head Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control (AS&EC) and is suitable to maintain moderate low temperatures and sufficiently high relative humidity for short term storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. It has special design of roof, uses wetted pad to maintain lower temperature. The Evaporative Cooled room developed by Senior Scientist Dr Sangeeta Chopra has capacity of 2 tonne. The cost of the EC room is Rs50,000 where as EC structure may cost about 1.5 to 2.0 lakh.

Dr Deepak Raj Rai, Head of Transfer of Technology (TOT) Division, said that CIPHET also provides technical support after transferring technology. He said that interested farmers/entrepreneurs could contact TOT division in this regard.
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