Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blow-by-blow account of trapped Chilean miners\' rescue plan

London, Oct 12 (ANI): The Chilean authorities are reportedly making the final preparations for the rescue of 33 trapped miners who would be brought to the surface tonight after having spent over two months underground.

Buzz up!The first miner is expected to be brought to the surface early Wednesday morning,

According to Sky News, bulldozers have been used to cut a ledge into the side of the mountain, making enough space for the media to cover the event. The surface is reportedly crumbly and therefore 100 metres of the shaft have been lined up with metal casing.

The entrance to the mine can be seen from the hillside, through a cave-like opening that the 33 men entered the mine on August 5. From the media terrace, it would be able to spot out the area from where the miners will emerge.

However, the mouth of the tunnel would not be seen as it has been covered with black plastic sheeting so that the men could have some privacy. Only one camera would reportedly broadcast that moment to the world.

To the right of the borehole, a red crane would be used to lower and raise the Phoenix capsule through 622 metres of tunnel. It was assembled about 200 metres away from Plan B, and will need to trundle across that distance to position the capsule above the hole, the report said.

From the hill, a series of portable cabins where the men will be taken as soon as they have been released from the capsule could also be seen. This is the triage centre where they would initially be assessed and those who need further case would be moved to the next cabin, which is a field hospital. Here, they would also meet their families, the report said.

A spokesmen for the rescue team said the men are directly below that, almost half a mile through the bedrock.
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