Saturday, October 23, 2010

BJP to control Surat district panchayat for first time

BJP\'s development mantra has finally done wonders, it seems. For, the Saffron party has emerged a clear winner in the Surat district panchayat elections. Interestingly, it will be for the first time that the party will get to rule the panchayat for a full term.

The results for panchayat and municipal elections were declared on Saturday, with BJP emerging as a winner everywhere in Gujarat. BJP won 29 of the 35 seats, while Congress had to be satisfied with six seats. On 10 seats, Congress suffered defeat by a very thin margin, while independent candidates on three seats, dented the vote bank of Congress.

BJP defeated the Congress in Kakrapar by 11 votes, while Congress defeated BJP at Vankaner and Tadkeswar with less than 100 votes.

With the massive win, BJP will rule Surat District Panchayat for a full term for the first time. In 2008, the party emerged victorious after Tapi district was carved out of Surat district by chief minister Narendra Modi.

With the separation, BJP gained a majority and ruled the panchayat for more than two years. Tapi district panchayat was regained by Congress, with the party gaining an easy majority.

The Congress had raised issues like SIR (Special Investment Region), irrigation, prawn farming before the polls but failed to garner any votes. BJP on the other hand campaigned for development and presented the Surat model, which benefited the party in the elections.

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