Friday, September 17, 2010

Panasonic launches 5 ToughBooks in India

Breaking News! Panasonic has launched five new models of \'ToughBook\' range of laptops in India. The new laptops include, CF-S9, CF-F9, CF-C1, CF-19 and CF-31, are powered by Intel Core i5 vPro processor.

Panasonic laptops also called ToughBooks, are especially intended for business people to carry anywhere and at anytime. As compared to other laptops, Panasonic Toughbooks are five times less likely to fail right from its features and applications.

Models like CF-19 and CF-31, which are known for their ruggedness, run on Windows 7 Professional, with a faster and more secure remote connection capability and a Windows XP downgrade option. Equipped with Turbo Boost Technology and shock mounted flex, these two models can connect hard drive with quick release.

All the five models come with great features with slight differences from each other. The CF-C1 comes with its unique triple hinge, sports two battery, which allow its users to work outdoor for long time. The CF-F9 is an update to the CF-F8, has options to have a HSDPA chip and fingerprint sensor for extra connectivity and security.

On the other hand, the new CF-S9 is the first ToughBook featuring HDMI port. Despite its full-power Core i5 chip, the device weighs less than 1.4kg.

As it is known that Panasonic ToughBooks are not cheap devices, but the price may be suitable for high class business people in India.

The Prices of the new Models are given Below:

* CF-19- Rs. 2,12,000

* CF-31- Rs. 2,54,000

* CF-S9- Rs. 1,49,000

* CF-F9- Rs. 1,57,000

* CF-C1- Rs. 1,52,000

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