Friday, September 17, 2010


There are many constraints prevailing in Punjab agriculture. The land holdings are shrinking, cost of production is increasing and there are several economic and ecological constraints. This was stated by Dr. Manjit Singh Kang, Vice-Chancellor, PAU while inaugurating the Field Day on the theme of maximizing productivity in paddy through adopting relevant technologies held at village Kala Khera, near Kartarpur (Jalandhar). He said that Punjab produces about 37 million tons of crop residue, most of which is burnt by farmers. This practice of burning besides causing environmental pollution, pulmonary problems for people, eradication of soil micro-organisms, leads to loss of nutrients. Dr. Kang said that burning one ton of paddy straw, leads to a loss of 6 kg nitrogen (N), one kg. phosphorus (P) and 11.5 kg. potassium (K). The figures for loss of N, P and K due to burning of one ton of wheat straw is 5, 0.5 and 10.00 kg, respectively. He appreciated the field of paddy grown with the PAU recommendations. Dr. Kang said that farmers should follow the advice and recommendations of scientists to enhance their production. He said that through its Kisan Melas, the University propagate the message of conserving natural resources and following eco-friendly practices. The programme was organized by Punjab Agricultural University\'s Department of Agronomy, Farm Advisory Service Scheme, Jalandhar and Kapurthala in collaboration with Syngenta.

The Director of Extension Education, Dr. M.S.Gill, who presided over the event, said that PAU undertakes a variety of transfer of technology programme to carry forward the field worthy technology to farmers. He said that the holding of field days provide opportunities to other farmers to learn that adoption of ideal package of technologies produce encouraging results.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. R.K.Jain, Vice-President, Syntenta India Ltd. updated the audience of farmers about the new products and activities of Syngenta some of which have already been recommended by PAU. He said that his company gives new consideration to PAU recommendations while formulating its programmes.

Dr. U.S.Walia highlighted the importance of controlling weeds and diseases in crops and advised farmers to use only the recommended control measures and to change the chemicals as suggested by experts. The subject matter specialists of PAU including Dr. Chander Mohan, Dr. Surjit Singh, Dr. Ram Singh, Dr. Parminder Singh provided useful tips to the farmers and responded to queries. More than 650 farmers participated in the programme. A live demonstration on correct pesticide spray technologies was organized on the occasion. From Syngenta India Ltd., Mr. Mr. Nishi Kant Chandan, Mr. Ashwani and Mr. Pankaj Chugh were also present.

Earlier, Mr. Malwinder Singh Malhi welcomed the Chief Guest, Guests of Honour, subject matter specialists and farmers while Mr.P.S.Sidhu proposed his vote of thanks.
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