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University Grants Commission has disapproved the promotion policy for the post of Principals in the Government Colleges of the States and Union territories to promote principals on the sole criteria of seniority even if the candidates are Non-PhD's. As per the Information supplied under the Right to information Act through its letter No. F.1. 5805/2010(RIA/PS) dated 29th March 2010 it has been clearly stated that the Post of Principal should be filled through direct recruitment only and not by promotion. In a reply to the question : (Whether the Process adopted by the State Governments to promote Principals on the basis of seniority as Lecturers even though they are non PhD is justified?),UGC has replied that Principals post should be filled through direct recruitment only for which Minimum Qualification is PhD with 15 years of teaching experience.

UGC has categorically stated in the information supplied that Minimum qualification for the post of Principals in the government colleges is PhD and the state Governments are mandatory to follow these qualifications while making posting of any person as principal of the Government Colleges. It has also been stated in the letter that "There is no career advancement scheme for promotion to the post of Principal prescribed by the UGC" and the State Governments are required to follow UGC regulations for the appointment and postings of Principals. It is pertinent to mention here that through UGC regulations notified on 30th June 2010 by the University Grants Commission the Principal's post has been kept in the Professor's scale for which minimum qualification is PhD with 15 years of teaching experience. In this regard already a communiqué has been sent by the Secretery of the Punjab Government College teachers Association Dr. Harsh Mehta to all Secretaries and Ministers of the Punjab Government and demanded that Minimum qualifications for the Post of Principal should not be ignored while making the promotion to the post as prescribed by the University Grants Commission. He stated that even in the UGC regulations 2000 the minimum qualification for the post of principals was PhD with relevant experience for which the Punjab Government was buying the time to allow the teachers sitting on the senior level to do PhD so that they can be promoted as principals but now the sufficient time period has been given and as per the New regulations postings to the post of Principals should be made as per the new regulations.

He stated that Punjab Government College PhD teachers Forum (PGC-PTF) has been formed which has elected Dr. Kashmiri Lal as Convener cum President and Dr. Ashwani Bhalla as Generel Secretery. The others members of the Executive Committee of the forum will be announced shortly. The PGC-PTF will represent the case of PhD teachers to the state of Punjab and impress them to cancel the meeting of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) till the final decision for the qualifications of Prinicpals is taken by the state on the issue after getting it clarified from the University Grants Commission. Dr. Mehta said that PGC-PTF will even consider the legal options to get the justice for PhD teachers . Dr. Mehta demanded that process to identify the posts of Professors in the colleges should be initiated immediately so that all PhD teachers which fulfill the conditions of the UGC regulations can be promoted as Professors in the Colleges.

(Dr. Ashwani Bhalla)

Generel Secretary


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