Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All-girl band in Bhangra land

LUDHIANA: Where strong dhol beats make pegs splash, it is strange to hear strong guitar strumming away. Adopting the signature world music--the rock--with aplomb, the glocal Punjabi has welcomed new bands in the city.

While a local restaurant launched a foreign rock band in its bar, the city has got a few desi variants to boast of also.

A four-girl band of Kitty Charms from Philippines have come a long way to Ludhiana to become part of the local restaurant, Sarovar, Park Plaza. They will perform daily at the restaurant bar.

Chak, a member, said, "I am from Philippines and rock band culture is not a part of my country but even then it is my profession. I do not know much about Punjabi culture but think there is no reason why people would not love our band. We will put all our efforts to make it popular in city."

Manager Kashif Masood said, "We are making efforts to provide quality music to our customers who come to our bar to spend some relaxing hours. It is an international band and the troupe has performed in China, Malaysia and Singapore. It will be an international experience for our customers."

Denying any threat to local music, Masood said, "There is no question of giving competition to the local culture. We are just thinking to make some space to let people experience different tastes. The Indian culture is getting acclaim all over the world. Similarly, our country too hails various foreign cultures."

Band culture is not new for the city. K-Mall has a musical group and some colleges also boast of it. Anand, a student, said, "I love rock bands and we are thinking to starting one."

Inderdeep, a college goer, said, "Something different and new is always welcome. It is good foreign bands are coming to the city. This will give us more variety."

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