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Starting today, Nokia 5800 Comes With Music is available in the Brazilian market

TIM, the first operator to sell the device, brings a special offer consisting of of a free-of-charge, unrestricted data package for two months; Brazil is the first country in the Americas to receive the Comes With Music service, which allows consumers to download more than three million tracks at no extra cost
São Paulo, Brazil -Nokia announces the start of offering Nokia 5800 Comes With Music, which brings to Brazil the revolutionary music download service, by which consumers will be able to download millions of tracks unlimitedly. Nokia 5800 is the first product to receive the service, a 3.2" widescreen touch screen model, which already sold 3 million units since its arrival in the market in November of last year*.
Starting today, the device is available for purchase at Nokia Store SP (Rua Oscar Freire, 849) and at Nokia's online store ( TIM will be the only operator to sell the solution during first month of launch. Customers that were already registered on the available pre-sales opportunity at the online store will receive their devices at home by this week's end.
By purchasing the device, customer is immediately entitled to enable the Comes With Music service and start exploring and downloading more than three million tracks of international and Brazilian artists, unlimitedly, for one year, thanks to agreements signed with the four of the world's largest labels and hundreds of independent labels. Downloads can be made via PC, as well directly to the Nokia 5800 device. When this period comes to an end, consumers will be able to keep all tracks on their computers and mobile devices. For video tutorials on how to help users to activate and use the service, please log on to
In Brazil, the list of labels include: Tratore, Som Livre, Deckdisc, ST2, Building Records, Atração, among others. The local music content represents a very important component inside the catalog, to both, the domestic audience, and enthusiasts of the Brazilian music throughout the world where Comes With Music is available.
As a special launching offer, when acquiring Nokia 5800 with the unlimited data package, TIM's customers will receive two months of free download of music, games, videos and other content, access to the Internet and they will be able to read emails without paying anything for data transfer. Nokia 5800 Comes With Music costs BRL 399.00 when signing for the TIM Brasil 250 plan, plus the mobile device unlimited data package.
"We know that the Brazilian consumer is among the world's top consumers of national music, consequently we made sure to contact major labels and local independent labels as well," says Almir Narcizo, president of Nokia Brazil. "With Nokia 5800 Comes With Music we are making available the opportunity to have access to this content to them and to everyone that enjoys our music, with a product that will revolutionize the ways of digital consumption," concluded Narcizo.
"We are focused on bringing first hand great news to customers, increasing our portfolio to satisfy the various users' profiles. With Nokia 5800, we are confident about our special promotion: we offer two months of free unlimited data transfer so that all our customers might experience all Internet services and direct download to the device," states Rogerio Takayanagi, Marketing director for TIM Brasil.
Touch screen with millions of free tracks
With the 8GB memory card, high quality stereo, graphic equalizer and standard 3.5mm jack for headset, Nokia 5800 Comes With Music offers the most powerful sound in the industry. It supports 3G and Wi-Fi networks, making it easier to download music and to have a fast Internet access. Additionally, for still photos it includes a 3.2MP camera and Carl Zeiss lenses, and video recording. Integrated GPS with Nokia Maps is another differential in the model.
The device offers an abundant multimedia capacity and email access, and it is the first touch-screen device compatible with TIM TV service, with which customers are able to watch an extended TV scheduling directly on the mobile device. There are 15 channels of entertainment, sports, news and children's programs, among them Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery Chanel, MTV Brasil, Nick, BandNews and Band, besides the TIM Channel with  a summary of UOL scheduling and videos.
With Nokia 5800 Comes With Music, it is possible to have access to YouTube directly to the application installed in the device, as well as to create and edit videos and still photos, as well as a direct upload to TIM Studio, a service that turns the customer an authentic multimedia producer: besides being able to share all their productions among TIM users throughout Brazil, they will win BRL 1.50 in credits for each 10 downloads of any content that they create.
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* On April 16, Nokia announced that the company had already sold 3 million Nokia 5800 units since its release
To help complement the user's experience with music, Nokia is also offering new accessories to deliver great and reliable sound in mobile devices. Among the innovations are two headsets, Nokia WH-600 and Nokia BH-504, as well as Nokia MD-7W, a wireless acoustic box, offering excellent sound quality, comfort and refined style.
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